Expansion Prompts SmartPatient Name Change to Curate Health

Expansion Prompts SmartPatient Name Change to Curate Health

Expansion Prompts SmartPatient Name Change to Curate Health

Nashville, TN. (October 28, 2014) — SmartPatient, LLC announced that it will now operate under the name Curate Health, effective immediately.

Co-founded in 2012 by Paul Clark and Hal Andrews, SmartPatient’s original mission was to create the first valid, reliable and scientific measurement of patient satisfaction on smartphones. Since then, the company’s mobile application features expanded to patient communication, status notifications and health education. Simultaneously, the company’s analytics now boast a database with thousands of unique patient responses utilized for multiple analytics-driven tactics including real-time service recovery and identifying predictors of success.

“I moved to Nashville on a mission to push patient satisfaction measurement into the 21st century and empower patients with the ability to provide confidential feedback instantly on their own personal mobile device,” says Clark. “We’ve been able to vastly exceed that original vision and create the ultimate consumer-friendly mobile application for healthcare journeys. Hence the name, Curate Health.”

Curate Health, derived from the Latin word curatus, meaning “to care for,” works with healthcare providers to provide enhanced patient experience via a personalized mobile application platform. Patients benefit from increased knowledge and awareness of their health journey. Furthermore, the platform enables healthcare providers to respond in real-time to enhance patient experience and improve clinical quality. Multiple pilots across the country will launch over the next six months.

Andrews sees a strong growth market for Curate Health: “The convergence of increasing reimbursement tied to patient satisfaction and rising healthcare consumerism make patient engagement, as defined by the patient, foundational to success for years to come.”

As part of the planned growth, the company moved its headquarters to Maryland Farms in Brentwood, TN. It will now operate from the website www.CurateHealth.me

About Curate Health

Curate Health, LLC is a privately-owned, limited liability corporation based in Brentwood, Tennessee founded by Paul Clark and Hal Andrews. Curate Health serves patients and families with a personalized mobile application for smartphones — automating, amplifying and augmenting the patient experience with real-time information, education and empowerment. Curate Health serves healthcare providers as the first real-time, consumer-friendly mobile patient experience platform backed by actionable, patient-specific analytics to improve clinical quality and patient experience. Founded in 2012 as SmartPatient, the Company innovated the first mobile application for patient satisfaction measurement. Today, Curate Health works with several leading health systems and a major academic medical center.


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